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Email Marketing

Email Marketing is known as one of the oldest techniques of digital marketing that still works like a charm. It allows you to slowly build an email list of your existing and future customers and you can update them with the popular trends of your current industry – giving them a solid reason to visit your business site time and again. It enables you to create trustworthy relationship with your customers and engage with them like never before – acting like a megaphone for delivering the apt message at the right time.

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At Amaze One, we consider Email Marketing as a modern answer to an age-old dilemma – a cost-effective solution that encourages the site visitors to keep coming back for more interesting information. We provide complete support to your business objectives through targeted, relevant messaging that tends to attract the audience via sales cycle. Apart from this, we can also build, handle, measure, and analyze your on-going email marketing campaigns so that to help you receive maximum returns from your clientele.

The following is how we grab the opportunity to help our clients through our Email Marketing services:

Idea Generation & Strategy: It is the first step of the email marketing campaign and all further activities totally rely upon it. We first identify and understand your needs, which helps us to effectively strategize on a number of idea creation factors, including content, graphics, design, format, and more.

Email Template Design & Development: We design customized email templates that are responsive, compatible with all the devices and are appealing to the targeted audience.

Reviews Improvement: We help you enhance your brand image on social media websites by eliminating the inaccurate listings, and upgrading & extemporizing fresh content pieces. We constantly monitor your reviews on social media and different review websites such as Trip Advisor, Yelp, Test Freaks, Trust Radius, etc. - and respond accordingly. Our ORM expert’s help you safeguard your online presence with proven techniques directed to incorporate positive reviews, and remove the negative ones that can negatively impact your online reputation – making your business gain the maximum business generation.

Flexible Campaigns: Our topmost priority is creating, delivering, and managing your email campaigns on safe email server with proper frequency, timely response, and quality. Our team can expertly design and implement branded email campaigns. We can provide high-quality delivery, tracking, and conversion analysis to increase the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns

Effective Targeting: We believe that the best way to control your business destiny is to build and grow your email marketing efforts. We can help you segregate your target audience into different categories and send out personalized & targeted emails – allowing us to reach the right people for you, with the right message.

Email Campaign Reporting & Analysis: Without proper reports and analysis, an email marketing campaign is of no use. We can help you monitor the performance of your campaign on myriad counts by tracking the results of each email sent to your customer database.