Big Data
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Big Data

The value of data lies ultimately in its ability to transform decision making. The most effective business outcomes arise from analytics and BI initiatives that deliver what users need to make fact-based, analytic, collaborative decisions (not just by giving them better access to data).

Analytic excellence requires initiatives that learn from what your business teams are doing to meet their own requirements, figuring out what broader "information products" are most valuable and where BI solution architectures should integrate these deliverables.

Our holistic Analytics and Business Intelligence service offerings create an environment that facilitates cross-pollination and convergence and help you act automatically on your data.

We Enable Your Data to Decision Process

Advanced Analytics: Predictive data modeling, Customer and Marketing Analytics, Risk Analytics and Operational Analytics solutions leveraging our domain, tool, and statistical expertise

Analytics on Unstructured Data: Social Media Analytics, Text Mining solutions, Integration of Structured and Unstructured Data, Predictive Models with variables based on unstructured data

Business Intelligence: Packaged BI solutions, Enterprise Performance Management, Reporting, Visualization and Dashboards

Data/Information Management: Data roadmap and strategy, Data Unification and consolidation of Enterprise wide data, Enterprise Data Warehousing

Big Data Services: Evaluation of Big Data Technologies, Migration to a Big Data platforms, Big data labs to demonstrate pilots

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